Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My New Year's Reaffirmation, NOT Resolution

Happy New Year!

I'm not one for making New Year Resolutions.  I actually haven't made any in years.  See, I'm just not any good at them.  The reason, I think, is that I used to spend time trying to come up with good resolutions, rather than actually finding something I truly cared about.

You know, the usual stuff.

Lose weight, quit smoking, etc.  These things were pretty meaningless.  Sure, they're grand goals... but only if they truly matter to you... deep down.

I've changed.

Now that I realize this, it's easier to make a change in my life.  It's easier to make a difference.  New Years is no longer about resolutions for me.

It's about reaffirmation.

This year, I reaffirm my decision to work toward becoming a better citizen of the planet.  I reaffirm my decision to bring myself closer to nature, to try to understand my place in this beautiful, big world.  I reaffirm my decision to tell you about it, so that you can learn through my successes and mistakes, as well as your own.

We all need each other to make this world great.  

Every person matters.  I reaffirm my decision to reach out to others in order to do my part to help the global community come together to transform this world into something even better than it is.

What's your resolution/reaffirmation?

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