Hot Days and Water Ball Fights

People that were raised in the desert are not allowed to say it's hot after they move to the colder side of the country.  Period.  It's not allowed.  

If you've gone through summer after summer with temperatures over 105, you have no reason to complain about heat on a 90 degree day.  

Period.  End of story.

That being said...

It's really hot here, right now.

No, really.  See, what I've learned is that temperature is relative.  What's a little hot to a person in the desert southwest is scorching to a person in Minnesota.

Therefore, the past few days have been scorching.  I retain my stubbornness in this, however, and refuse to turn on the a/c, preferring to tough it out.   

So what have I decided to do to beat the heat in these summer months?  Well, the evening is easy.  After sunset, I open all the windows wide so that the very cool nighttime breeze can enter the house.  As soon as I wake up, I close the windows again, so that I can trap the cool temperatures inside my house.

This works for a while, but by about 3:00, it gets pretty uncomfortable in here, so I pull out my nice, new, technologically advanced cooling devices.

What?  Not technologically advanced enough for you?  

Seriously, though, these two little balls are lifesavers when it gets hot.  I fill that bowl with water, then drop them in.  The balls absorb a decent amount of water, so my daughter and I can have water fights without me having to worry about negatively impacting the environment.

 - Since the balls are reusable, I don't have anything to throw away.
 - They were cheap.  I paid only five dollars for them, which is much less than the cost of running the a/c.
 - That one bowl of water is all I need to accomplish my two missions: Having fun and cooling off.

It's actually perfect.  When the balls hit you, enough of the water hits your clothes to cool you off, but you don't have to worry about being drenched, like in the case of a water gun.  The dampened clothing cools you, even if there's no breeze to be noted, because you're creating your own airflow by running around.

And if you manage to get hit in the face with one, it doesn't hurt.  Bonus!