Basement Onion Project Update - Finally!

How in the world did I manage to forget?!

It's been quite a while since I gave an update on my basement onion gardening project.  A really, really long time.  When last we visited this project, the onion that was planted in the raised garden of the backyard was starting to get comfortable in its new environment.

basement onion fifth day after re-planting
What the backyard onion looked like on day 5
On that same day, however, the front yard's onion was starting to yellow at the tips of the leaves, thanks to the squirrel that thought it might be good food.

basement onion in front yard - tips are yellowing

It's been a few weeks, and the onion in the front yard hasn't shown much progress, at all.  That squirrel really did a number on it when it chose to bite into the bulb root.  I have no pictures of that one, because there's not really anything interesting to report.

In the backyard, however...

onion transplanted into soil from basement - several leaves
I'd say the onion planted in the backyard raised garden is doing pretty well!  I have enough leaves that I can cook meals that require green onions without batting an eye.  Success!

Eventually, I'll dig it up and see what it looks like underground.  Will I have new bulbs growing, or will this be nothing more than a really cool plot to go to when I need green onions?

I'm really excited to find out!  This gardening project is already a success, but will it go beyond what I had hoped for?

What do you think?