Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Colorful Morning at the Market

Flowery perfume on one side, and powerful aftershave on the other.  The Old Spice guy isn't present, much to my disappointment, so I have to accept that the aftershave smell is coming from the man in need of ear hair trimming on my right.


I'd move forward, but there's a stroller in my way... and it's not the one my daughter is sitting in.

As you've figured out by now, the farmers market was packed.  This was the largest amount of people I had seen there, yet.  I was very glad, because this meant that the vendors would all have a very good day...

Until I realized that more people meant less stuff!

Many of my usual items weren't there.  The vendors had all sold out.

None left at all.  

Not even a hint of them.  

All that remained were tiny ones...  The kind that fly across the kitchen 
when I try to peel them because they're too small for me to hold onto.

I sulked for a while, but then I realized that everything would turn out ok...

I may not have been able to get many of the things I came for, but there were so many colorful fruits and vegetables present that I was able to buy items that I normally wouldn't.  Variety is always a good thing, and who doesn't like to bring a little more color into their life?

Orange                                                                           Purple
  Yellow                                                 Green
Red                White

It was unbelievable!

So what was this week's haul from the farmers market?


1 pumpkin (At least, that's what I think it is!)
1 butternut squash
1 Asian eggplant
1 peach kolache
2 cucumbers
6 cookies (I have to visit Kristi's Cravings... life is incomplete if I don't!)
9 apples
A ton of beets!

I'm actually not a fan of beets.

At all.

The thing is, though... I found out how to make sugar from beets after checking out a book from the library this week.  It doesn't look very hard, at all.

Famous last words, right?

It won't be the pretty white stuff that we're used to buying at the store, but when you consider that it only looks that way due to large amounts of processing... I'll be happy with off-color sugar!  Let's just hope I can get it right!

If I do, I see a lot of beet seeds being planted in my edible garden next year...

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