Friday, September 7, 2012

Reuse a Mason Jar - Easy Fall Decor! Part 2

A pretty, pretty painted jar, some dry leaves awash with blended colors...

We're ready to go!

For those of you that missed it, we're continuing to make some fall decor using a mason jar.  In reality, any glass jar would work...

I just have mason jars pouring out of my ears!

Anyway, last time, we painted the jar and a few leaves, blending a few colors together.  Now it's time to put everything together.

Go out and find some sticks.  Choose them based off of the type of design you want. Arrange them as you see fit, then bind them together using whatever you have at hand.  That may be string, twist-ties, a huge rubber band, tape, or, heck... even a couple of
                                                                     stuck together in a line, if you're really desperate for supplies!  The sky is the limit.

The sticks you choose are really what make the difference here.  Knobby ones can be the central focus for a Halloween theme,

Halloween themed mason jar decor
ooOOooo!  Spooky!
Just add some cobwebs or anything else that works.

Straight ones, on the other hand, can be used for softer, simpler fall decor, which is what I was looking for.

Remember the leaves we pressed into the paint?

painted leaves

I brought out some wood glue and stuck those leaves onto one of the sticks, along with an additional yellow leaf I had attacked with the remaining red paint.

I then loosely arranged the sticks inside the jar, once the glue had dried.

I wanted to use ribbon as an accent, but it appears that some mischievous little fairies (or maybe my daughter) absconded with it, so I had to settle with some yarn.

I chose colors that I figured would work well with the red, took out my crochet hook, and produced two simple chains... just because it sounded like fun.  The extra thickness didn't hurt, either!

simple yarn chain

Then I wound them together to produce one nicely textured piece.

twisted simple chain

I grabbed some black walnuts that had lost their husks due to foot traffic in the yard (so they were nice and dry), and dropped them inside to add support to the sticks.  I didn't want the sticks shifting around the jar constantly, after all!

You can use just about anything inside the jar, since nobody will see it...

Just be sure that what you use won't degrade and shrink, or worse, rot and start stinking!


Finally, I tied the yarn very loosely around the sticks, ending in a bow, and threw in a broken strand of golden colored beads that my daughter insisted on.

mason jar fall decor

That's it!

A mason jar, some paint, and a bunch of sticks is all that's required.  Everything else comes entirely from your imagination.

I opted for a softer color scheme for my fall decor, but something brighter would be just as amazing, if not more so!

What colors would you choose?

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