Saturday, September 1, 2012

Society Made Me Do It!

Warning: Read at your own risk!

Society has a habit of placing us into little groups based on various traits that we're supposed to adhere to. In my experience, most people don't fit these stereotypes.

Many people, however, become uncomfortable when they're talking about something that doesn't fit into their normal conversation parameters.  Indeed, we tend to balk at the idea of talking about certain subjects within the hearing of people who society tells us will be offended.

The reproductive system, in particular, is a topic that is shrouded in mystery.  I find that kind of funny in a society that's as sex obsessed as ours, but therein lies the reason:

It's supposed to be exciting... or at least attractive.

If it's not, it gets shoved under the carpet so that we don't have to look at it... at least whenever someone of the opposite gender is in the room.

"They don't need to hear it."  

I find that statement to be unfair.  Who are we to decide what someone needs to hear or not?  Especially on the basis of gender!  It's condescending and sexist.

It's especially a problem with women, who believe that no man should be privy to conversations about menstruation.

           I probably just lost a few male readers.


Because society has taught men that they shouldn't have any interest in "such a dirty, gross subject."

Wait... no.

Women taught them that.

Uh, oh...
            I think I just lost a few female readers with that one.


Because it's hard for a woman to see that she may have done something sexist.  Only men are sexist, after all.  At least, that's what society tells us.

But we all know better.

And, no, I don't think this piece has caused me to lose any readers.  We all know, after all, that I'm the crazy lady that talks about things like baking soda for deodorant, as well as crustaceans that poop crystals into the soil.

Nothing is sacred.

So what does this rant have to do with being environmentally responsible, anyway?!

My next post is going to talk about a green option available to women during their period.  Actually, this post was supposed to talk about it, but I've written enough in this introduction to turn it into a full post!


I think that the amount I've already written speaks volumes about just how often reproductive health gets shoved under the rug.

A taboo subject in mixed company.

Let's change that.

The thing is, I have a lot of smart, talented readers.  No, that's not just a general feelgood sentence.  I truly mean it. Indeed, I'll occasionally go back and reread a comment because the person in question had mentioned an idea that was so awesome that I had to be sure I set it to memory.

Yeah, that's how awesome you are. 

And that's why I felt these gender stereotypes were so important to talk about before broaching the subject of reusable menstrual pads - something that most people would turn away from learning about,

because society teaches that it's icky.

So join me on Monday, and I'll talk to you about this awesome idea - very different from the reusable pads of our great-great grandparents' time.

Those really were icky.


And I promise not to be as serious as I was today!  This was just way too serious for a crazy-happy lady like me!

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