Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rule of Thumb for Squash Harvest... Don't Blink!

Bright yellow and bumpy.  Thin skin full of life giving nutrients.

I squeal with glee, ready to pick the first crookneck squash from its parent plant.

My daughter, however, stops me.

She says that I can harvest my first squash tomorrow.

"It's not ready, yet!"

Well, drat.  It looks ready to me!

first crookneck squash

You may wonder why on earth I'm listening to a three year old, and holding myself back.

The thing is...
                    I think she's right.

We've seen them at the farmers market, and even bought one, just to ensure that I liked the way they taste.

I did, so that's a success!

The thing is, in my impatience to harvest, I didn't pay attention to the fact that the color of this one isn't quite as deep yellow as I had seen at the market.  I also failed to note that the ones at the market were a tiny bit bigger.

She, however, did.

And she's right about timing, too, I think.  Summer squashes grow fast.  It will probably only be one more day before I can reap the pleasures of harvest.

This doesn't mean that I can sit around and wait a few days, though.  If I wait more than one day, I may end up with a squash that's too big, and no longer at its peak harvest time.

Just like Doctor Who said,

"Whatever you do... don't blink!"

You get the picture.  Vigilance is necessary, or I'll end up with a monster huge squash that isn't nearly as sweet and beautiful as the original.

So tomorrow I harvest my crookneck squash that was planted as a memorial to my fallen grey zucchini... another type of squash that grows huge in a short amount of time!

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