Monday, September 3, 2012

Party in My Pants! Wait... What?!

It's time to continue our discussion from Saturday, as I promised!

At first, the idea of a reusable menstrual pad seems kind of...


But I'm willing to try just about anything once.

While I was at the food co-op in a nearby town, I found these on the shelf:

Party in my Pants!

The name was what caught my attention.

Party in My Pants.


                     ...Naturally, I picked up a box and read.

This pad is made from cloth, with a waterproof underside.  The colors and designs on all of them are pretty exciting, and nothing like the typical nasty white spongy things we typically wear.

Already, I was intrigued.

Not to mention the box's appeal - this isn't your normal pad.  It's created to make you feel like a princess.

I mean, see?  Look at that crown!

Naturally, I had to try one out.  I loved the concept, and disposable pads are such a strain on the environment.  So much waste.

And these are pretty!

I chose the mega-super-ultra-absorbent overnight ones, because I didn't want to leave anything to chance.

As soon as I got home, I ripped open the box so that I could examine the new pad.

reusable pad - full view
It was huge.

But it was also thin.  Not only that, but it was soft.  I mean... really soft.

As in, take a ride on a fluffy cloud and rest in luxury soft.

"I could go with this," I said to myself as I caressed my face with the cloth, no doubt looking like a complete lunatic.

The pad stays in place by way of snaps that are attached to either side, much like the 'wings' on the disposables.

After waiting for what felt like a century, but was really only a few days, I was finally able to test this pad.  I laughed, thinking that Party in My Pants was a rather appropriate name.  After all, who in their right mind gets excited about their period's approach?  A party, yes.  But a period?

Heck, no.

But there I was, happy that my period had finally arrived.  Craziness!

Here's the good part:

It worked!!!

Yes, I used the overnight strength, but I don't think I really needed to.  These things really do absorb nicely.  Not only that, but because of the designs that are used, you can get away without worrying about staining.  Any stains will blend in.


Cleaning isn't difficult, either.  Just throw them into the wash with everything else.  Definite convenience.

What's not to like?  They're better for the environment, because they're reusable.  They don't require any horrid and lengthy cleaning.  They're comfortable.

And they're cute!!!

I think I'm probably going to purchase a few more.  While the initial twelve dollar price tag seems high, Party in My Pants pads can be reused so often that the price balances out... and can even end up cheaper than their disposable counterparts.

How cool is that?


  1. This is very similar to what women used for their periods before disposable pads were invented. When I worked at an antique store, we happened to have a Sears Catalog from the early 1900s. Pads used to be basically the same design as this, except they attached to a belt that looked a lot like a thong. And people still use cloth diapers and everything... I don't know why we're so squeamish about our periods. ;) Glad this worked out!

    1. You're absolutely correct. I used cloth diapers on my daughter toward the end of her diaper use, and it's really a great way to do things. It not only means less landfill waste, but is also less stinky! Who'd have thought, right? We get so used to doing things the way we grew up doing them, that sometimes change can be daunting. This is one case in which, perhaps, newer *isn't* better!