Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Friend's Birthday and Nature's Glow

You know those days where you wake up and everything is just... right?

I know, they aren't very common.  Usually, our first thought when we wake up is something more along the lines of, 

"Just 5 more minutes...  ugh..."

This morning was a good one for me, though.

I have two friends that have been there for me from the very inception of Even Green Boots Leave Trails.  They've offered me encouragement, they've pushed me to go beyond what I thought was possible, and they've kept me on track.

And today, one of them is celebrating her birthday.

birthday cake

You're probably wondering why in the world I would be talking about a birthday, when I should be talking about gardening, or about green DIY projects.

It's simple.  If this one birthday had never taken place, this blog may not have existed.


This friend pushed me to do what she knows I love.  I'd call her up, crying from across the country about how hard it is to keep up with this blog.

"...and it's so hard... and I don't know what to write... and my last project crashed around my ears... and then I got toilet paper wedged in my nose!

Just keep it up.  You can do it.  You love this, you're smart, and... Wait.  You got what wedged where?

Yeah.  She puts up with a lot.

She gave me courage, and she gave me confidence.  Her belief in me propelled me to do things that, only a year ago, I would have thought were impossible.  She has helped make Even Green Boots Leave Trails a reality, and as I celebrate her birthday, I reflect on just how lucky I am to have her.

Indeed, even nature seems to remind me of this.  

As I walked out to take my daughter to school, I looked up at the neighborhood trees, only to notice that this morning has ushered in a change of season.

vibrant colors of fall

While my black walnut trees have had leaves turning yellow for quite some time, this is the first time I've seen a vibrant color change in any other trees.  Yellows and oranges blended in with the green to produce a cheerful and endearing sight.

It happened on her day.  Even nature itself recognizes my friend's importance, bringing in beauty and smiles... 

Just like she does.

A very happy birthday to a beautiful woman without whom Green Boots would never have existed!

**Should that have been whom or who?  Seriously... I always get confused on this rule!

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