Friday, September 14, 2012

The First Day of Preschool and a Clothing Mishap

"Come on, Mommy!  Let's go, now!"

"It's not time, yet.  We need to wait a few more minutes."

"No, it's time!"

My daughter was right.  It was time for us to walk to school for her first day of preschool... 


          Without me.  

                   I was terrified.

While I'm a firm believer in homeschooling, which is, in fact, more environmentally friendly than its brick and mortar counterparts in public and private education, I recognized that I had to enroll her in a preschool.

It's not required, of course, and it's going to eat through my pocketbook, but I had to admit to myself that it was necessary.  See, my daughter has no concept of how to act within a group.  She also has no friends.  

Neither of these things are her fault.  

Rather, this is because our family moved across the country, and I have yet to meet anyone that has children her own age.  Moving across the country is a very lonely situation for anyone, and for a child, that loneliness is even worse.

So I researched the local preschools.  Upon seeing the prices, many got knocked off of the list immediately.  Of those that remained, I looked at parent reviews, general class focus, and distance.

After narrowing down the list to a couple of schools, I set up meetings and made a choice.

And lucky me!!!

She's going to a preschool that's three minutes away, walking.  That's right!  I'm not only doing car-free shopping again, but also car-free schooling!

While a brick and mortar school isn't the most green option out there, it's definitely better than having to waste fossil fuels to get her to the building!

Of course, I have to admit, there is one drawback to walking to school...

classroom weather calendar

Yeah... it was a wee bit chilly.

Of course, it wouldn't have been nearly as bad if I had just taken the time to realize that early morning temperatures are far different from those of late morning... 

                                                                                       and dressed appropriately!

bad shoe choice for cold temperatures

I'm thinking that Teva sandals were not exactly the best choice for temperatures that were struggling to push past fifty...

The morning immediately after we got a decent rainfall!  

See, the route we take doesn't actually have a sidewalk, which means that we tend to walk just above the curb, on the edges of grassy lawns.

Grassy lawns that, this morning, were covered in dew!  


I was just glad that I had dressed my daughter in weather appropriate clothing for her first day of preschool. At least one of us didn't have chattering teeth!

I think this major clothing screw up of mine had to do with first day jitters.  As I said, I was terrified.  This was the first day that she's been away from me for longer than a few minutes since we arrived in our new home.

I should count myself lucky that this was the only mistake I made... and that it effected me, rather than her!

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