Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Warning and a Sugaring Update

"RushRUSHrush!!!  Gotta move fast!"

In just a few days, my youngest sister is getting married.  This feels almost as stressful as my own wedding did!  My other sister is coming in from the desert southwest, my house is chaos central, and I have writing to do.


Ok... just breathe...

In... Out... In... Gasp! Cough!

Oh, dear.

As you can imagine, things are going to get a bit erratic.  Please bear with me!

Today's post is rather short, but I did want to give you a sugaring update, while also warning you that I may end up slacking a bit for the next couple of days, due to the high influx of stress and home traffic.

When last I talked about it, I mentioned that a slight bit of water could be added to your sugaring paste if it was too hard to work with.  Just add the water, heat up the mixture in the microwave, and stir.  Once it cools, you should be able to remove body hair with it, without a care in the world.

"La lala!" Carefree tone deaf singing

Well, it sort of didn't work out that way.

On the contrary, while it was sticky enough to make me say "Oof!" and "Ouch!" when I applied it, my body warmth caused it to become pliable enough that when I used the upward-flick motion to remove it, it came away so easily that it didn't remove any hair... at all.  Not one piece!


If figure this occurred for one of two reasons.
  1. I added too much water (very possible), or
  2. That thin metal pot worked enough evil magic to cause the entire heating process to undo any success I otherwise would have had (also possible).
Of course, there's also a third possibility... Both 1 and 2 combined... but that may just cause my sanity to fall apart at the seams, so I'm not going to concentrate too much on that possibility!

In conclusion, I stand by my original advice:

Don't use a thin metal pot for creating your sugaring paste!  It won't end well!!!

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