Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Sad Last Day of the Farmers Market

"Mommy, stop!"

I looked down at my daughter with question marks in my eyes.  We had just gotten out of the car, which we had taken to the farmers market in lieu of walking, because I didn't want us to walk all the way there in 27 degree weather.

Yep.  It was frigid.  Again.

"Why are we stopping?"  I asked.  We had only walked about 5 steps, and I had tunnel vision.  I wanted to get everything we needed quickly, because... well... duh.  It was freezing!

"We have to count.  One..."

"What are we counting?"

"The tables."  She looked at me like I had just asked the most agonizingly stupid question she had ever heard.  "Two..."

I looked up.  Sure enough, there was a small enough amount of tables to make an almost-four year old jump to the occasion and show off her counting skills.  There were more vacant spots than tables.

"...Nine!  Nine tables, Mommy!"  

She beamed with pleasure.

I smiled sadly, and told her she was correct.  I had brought extra money for this trip, because I had seen a few items that would make excellent Christmas presents last weekend.  I wanted to be sure to grab them up on this last day of the farmers market season.

Sadly, I had a feeling I wouldn't need the extra money, after all.

As we walked through the market, I saw that half of the usual vendors I went to weren't there.  Nor was the vendor that sold a fantastic purse made from reclaimed materials that I was eager to buy for my sister.  She would have loved it.

As you can imagine, I was in a rather mopey state of mind.  Fortunately, two of my favorite vendors - one being my beloved organic egg vendor - were there, so I perked up a bit.

What did I get on my final farmers market visit of the season?

1 bag of potatoes
1 bag of carrots
1 butternut squash
1 bag of cookies
1 small gourd
1 jar of strawberry jelly
1 white mini pumpkin
2 orange mini pumpkins
1 dozen of the best organic eggs on the planet
1 awesome coin purse
1 crocheted kitchen scrubber
1 pair of knitted slippers
1 bazillion heirloom (grape?) tomatoes - yellow and red

Lotsa stuff, right?  I had a lot of money remaining, too, since I didn't have to use the extra I had brought for Christmas presents.

The kitchen scrubber was pretty awesome.  

The vendor used the same type of netting that I did when I made one, but she blended it with yarn, making it pleasing on the eyes as well as washable.  I must learn how to do this!!!

Even more fascinating, though, was the coin purse.

The same vendor created it.  she crocheted soda can tabs together to produce a very sturdy bag.


Talk about green DIY at its finest!  I'm sure the process is quite simple, but it looks difficult.  As I think about just how many coke tabs accumulate in this house, I realize that I need to figure this one out, as well.

I was sad that the farmers market was at an end, and even sadder to not be able to see some of my favorite vendors one last time, but it was a good visit.  I look forward to hitting our Central Park next season and seeing everyone again!

Is it normal for people to become so mopey about the end of the farmers market season?  It truly feels like a good friend is moving away... at least temporarily.

Farewell, Faribault Farmers Market!  I eagerly await your return!

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