Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Kind of Fun is This Crazy Woman Having Now?!

So, here we go!

My first poll!

As you have been able to surmise from my last post, I love polls... especially when I don't have to worry about being taken to an ad after clicking on the things!  The topic?

What in the heck is this crazy woman trying to do now?!

Pretty simple, right?

Plenty of my green diy projects look nothing like the end result when I'm in the early stages.  This, of course, means that we can have a lot of fun trying to figure them out!

As I mentioned yesterday, I've placed a photo on my blog.
Look over to the right.  -------->

*image is no longer on the right... just look at the one on this page.  ;-)

Beneath the image is a poll that specifically refers to it.  Click on your answer choice, and voila!

I know it'll go away, eventually, since I set it up for only a short period of time, so here's the image for those of you that get here after the poll has closed:

So... What in the heck am I trying to create, now?

Answer away, and remember...

Have fun!!!

(Feel free to answer in comments.  Because, you know... That's pretty fun, as well... and the poll is now closed, after all!)

*Quite a few poll answers were inexplicably lost at various point throughout the time frame allotted, so I'm looking for a new poll widget.  Wish me luck!  (11/13/2012)

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