Saturday, October 27, 2012

What Do You Do With a Halloween Pumpkin?

Halloween is almost here!

I have a habit of always waiting until the last minute to do the most important decorating.  There's good reason for it, though.

Take, for instance, my pumpkins:

2 mini, 1 medium-sized pumpkin

These are the ones that I got from one of the vendors at the farmers market last week.  I'm sure I'll buy another and post about it tomorrow, but for now I have 1 medium pumpkin, and 2 mini pumpkins.

You can't carve into a pumpkin too soon, or it'll cave in and look absolutely disgusting, come Halloween.  Even if you choose not to carve them, it's a bad idea to leave them on the porch for more than a few days.  The elements will do the work they feel is necessary to begin the process of returning the pumpkins to the earth so they can feed the soil.

I sure as heck don't want that happening!

This year, there will be no pumpkin carving.  My daughter is young enough that she has no problem with this, fortunately, so I'm free to do what I wish.  I'll still be decorating the pumpkin, of course, just not carving it.

The reason is simple.

I want to eat my masterpiece!!!

Seriously... who doesn't like to dive right in and take full advantage of their work?  As long as it doesn't, say, get kicked into the street by marauding goblins (there's always a risk of that!), an uncarved pumpkin can be eaten the next day.

And that makes the idea green:  Reuse of edible, earth friendly materials!


So now I'm left with figuring out what to do with the three pumpkins in the picture above.

There's Mickey Mouse... but he's horribly overdone.  Plus, since I'm not carving I can't cut holes to pierce the mini pumpkin stems through his head (Is it just me, or is this sentence rather creepy by nature of the words used?).  I don't even think gorilla glue would hold them in place, so the piercing would be necessary!

mickey mouse pumpkin
This is kinda cute, though, I admit...
Then there's the evil mutant pumpkin from the grave idea...

mutant pumpkin
The black lines would be free heater cable I got from an auto parts store.
While this looks absolutely ridiculous to us (and therefore fun), it may have traumatic repercussions for my young daughter, so that thought goes out the window, as well.


Perhaps I could just put it off to the side where she might not notice it....

I'll be spending quite a bit of time rearranging pumpkins (Paint is such a fun program!) until I come up with just the right fit.What ideas come to your mind?

What do you think I should do with the pumpkins this Halloween?

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