Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY Sugaring: Don't Use a Thin Metal Pot!!!

In summary, I'd like to say just one thing:


I'd say that's a pretty good description of my sugaring results.

Yesterday I talked about how to put together the recipe for sugaring paste, using a tutorial I had found on  The tutorial was good.  Really good.  It should have been perfect.

Except that I had done one thing wrong.

I used a thin metal pot.

I was warned.  In the piece, Naomi Torres had specifically mentioned that a thick pot should be used.  She warned that a thin sided pot would cause the mixture to heat up too quickly, and said that if one was used it needed to be carefully watched.  But did I listen?

Do you ever?

Well... no.

I used the thin metal pot, even knowing that I have a short attention span.

I should have realized that I had a problem when I dug out a lump of my gooey mixture.

hard lump of paste

As per instructions, I lightly rolled it into a ball, in order to warm it up ever so slightly.  This makes it easier to work with.

The problem?  After juggling my phone for about five minutes, in order to use its camera without covering it in goo, the ball I had rolled up was still a near perfect sphere.  Due to the heat buildup, the ball should have relaxed into more of an oval shape.

My end product was too hard.

Of course, I pressed on, ignoring the reasonable voice in my head.  I thought, "When she took her photo, she just made sure to get the best, most perfect take possible.  Everything is fine."

Yeah.  And if you believe that, I have some beachfront property on Mercury to sell you...

Determined, I took that hard ball of goo so that I could apply it to my lower leg.  

I'm not completely crazy... I was able to realize that I should start with a less sensitive area of the body before attacking the Hairy Beasts under my arms.

Here's a shot of the hairy skin on one leg.  I let it grow out especially long, just to be sure it could be seen... and because, to be honest, it gave me a great reason to be lazy.

hairy sasquatch leg

Total Sasquatch, just for you!  Doesn't that just give you a warm, fuzzy feeling?

Ok, maybe not...

I powdered my skin with a very small amount of cornstarch, in order to ensure the sugaring mixture stuck more to my hair than to my skin.  I squished the hard goo onto my leg, attempting to smear it evenly across my skin.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't convince myself that that part played out correctly.  

As I tried to gently smear the sugaring paste onto my hairy skin, applying opposite the direction of hair growth, as per the tutorial, the mixture that was too firm to work with pulled and tugged at the hair, causing a horrible, not so happy feeling to course through my body.  After I had one section covered, I watched it break apart in a few places, creating empty spots.

uneven sugaring paste application


Well, it was already there, so I grit my teeth and continued with the tutorial.  I might as well, right?

I used my hand to remove the paste, using swift flicks that ran in the direction of hair growth and upward.

Diagram: hand movement over and up, hair direction, skin

Even with my mixture being too firm, this part worked reasonably well.  Indeed, I could have done everything like this, and the hair on both of my legs would have been removed.

hairy leg v smooth leg
Hairy on left, smooth on right
(ignore the red dots... I have a habit of bumping into things.)

It's just that every re-application of the mixture would have been a lesson in torture, since its texture made it  difficult to apply... and the time it took, since the sugaring paste was too firm, was unbelievably long.

As in, two hours for one of my lower legs.  Ouch!

What's the lesson here?  

The recipe and instructions given by Naomi Torres were good.  I'd use them again, and I have faith in her ability to explain the proper method.  Even though I missed up, I had no irritation afterwards.  If you actually pay attention to what she says, it'll work.

I just wouldn't ever attempt to do it again while using a thin metal pot.

Don't use a thin metal pot, please!  Follow her advice and use a thick one.  Had I followed this one recommendation, everything would have been perfect.

But since I didn't, I have a rather large amount of chewy, lemon flavored candy paste.  I'm thinking about making it into lollipops.


Or... I could add a bit of water and turn this unworkable mixture into a gel that could be used for waxing.


Decisions, decisions!

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