Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy May Keep Tomorrow's Post Away

I tend to write my blog posts the day before they're due to publish, just to be sure that Murphy's Law doesn't hit, and and everything goes through as it should.

Normally that works out perfectly for me.

Today, however, I'm staring at my monitor... and nothing is getting typed.


Two words:  
Hurricane Sandy.  

Seriously.  She's all I can think about.  Even here in Southern Minnesota, I'm feeling her effects.  Not physically, of course, but mentally and emotionally.  I'd say a good third of my family and friends are in her path right now, and that scares the heck out of me.

Mainly, because I'm powerless to do anything about it.

What does this mean in terms of Even Green Boots Leave Trails?

It means that unless I have a sudden stroke of brilliance, you won't see a blog post tomorrow, and I feel you have the right to know that.  See, if I was in the center of her path, I'd still be writing like crazy.  Being far away, however, saps my creative focus away.  Weird, huh?

If you're in a region that'll be feeling Hurricane Sandy's wrath, please take care to have the basic necessities stored up: Have a few days of food on hand, fill up those empty containers with water, have a source of light on hand (with batteries), and keep a decent amount of blankets with you.

Don't panic (that helps nobody), but do take it seriously.  Be prepared.

The link to the National Hurricane Center is just below this paragraph, and it appears to be free from the typical, media driven, panic inspiring vocabulary we're so accustomed to.

National Hurricane Center

Stay safe!

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