Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rustic Wedding Preparation

Must...  write...

Go to the keyboard and...

Press.  Those... keys...


Upload a photo for everyone!  You can do it, Rebecca!

driving through grass

Oops... wrong one.  That's ok.  Nobody has to know that I cut across the grass of two different homes because I was running late... I'll just go with it... make something up.  Ummm...

Hi, everyone!

I got into my mother's car so that I could get to the rehearsal for my sister's wedding, when this gigantic green giant... it was a baby giant... twenty feet tall... stomped toward me through the grass.  I ran and hid inside the car,

but then - 

the baby giant saw that the car was a shiny red color.  It pushed the car across the grass, thinking it was a toy.  I was powerless to stop it.


That's exactly what happened!


Ok, ok...

As you can see, I've been in a rather unusual state of mind, preparing for my sister's wedding.  It amazes me just how little time a person has for anything else when they're part of a wedding.

I'm very proud of her.  As I look at the decor and the environment she chose, one thought goes through my mind:

She's doing an awesome job.

Seriously.  She's having a rustic wedding.  Naturally, this means that her choices are very green.  The theme is very simple, and it has made use of things that are already in the area.


I'm seriously proud.

I'm totally leaving you in the dark with this, I realize, since I have no pictures of what the guests will see...

But I promise to let you know all about it in the next few days!

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