Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Insulating the Water Heater

A few days ago I walked down into my basement and discovered that my water heater was warm to the touch.  Time to make more energy saving adjustments!

I sent my husband off to go get an insulating blanket to wrap around it.  This will help retain heat within the tank so that I won't have to use as much energy to heat water for showers and dish washing.  Environmental responsibility is my goal, so even this small adjustment will help reduce my impact... and my utility bills!

I'll be wrapping up my water heater later on today.  I've actually never done this before, so while it looks easy, I have no clue how it'll go for me.  Remember, I'm clumsy, so the simplest tasks can sometimes be overwhelming for me.  In this case, the insulating blanket is rather heavy, and the size makes it unwieldy.

Cross your fingers that I make it through this energy saving adjustment without any new strains or bruises!

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