Thriving Green Lettuce and Spinach

My lettuce survived!!!  It made it through the past few cold nights, through the frost, and through the wind.  It not only survived, but it's thriving!

It's only been a few days since the wind made them look pathetic and wilted, and yet they're growing with extreme gusto!  I'm completely dumbfounded by this sudden burst of health.  The leaves are shooting straight up, they've got some curl to them, and their green color is gorgeous!  I guess there's some truth to the old addage of "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

I decided to go ahead and remove the cover from my spinach after seeing how well the lettuce was doing.  Both lettuce and spinach can handle cooler weather, and the exposure to breezes would be good for the stems of my spinach. 

Besides... I knew they needed to be free of their container.  Peeking through the hole at the top let me know that my spinach was beginning to grow quite large. I didn't, however, realize just how large they were growing.

To give you some idea, the four largest leaves in this picture are already salad sized.  Right now it looks pretty wimpy, I know, but that's because it hasn't had the full benefit of being exposed to the elements.  Within a few days I expect the spinach to dwarf the lettuce.

It already covers a larger amount of space!

I expect to give you another update soon, showing gigantic, thriving plants.  They look small now, but soon they'll be gorgeous!