Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Wind and the Lettuce

When talking about my newly sprouted radishes, I mentioned the rain and wind that had occurred due to the rather terrifying storm system that developed in our country's midsection.  Fortunately, due to a very nice amount of advanced warning by the National Weather Service, casualties from those tornadoes were surprisingly low.

Also, thankfully, none of the tornadoes that developed were this far north.  We just got wind - a lot of it - coupled with a nice thunderstorm that both lit up and drenched my gardens.  It's been dry here, so the rain was very welcome.

Unfortunately, my lettuce was not amused by the storm system.  Not at all.

The halved milk jug that I used to cover my lettuce had gotten blown off.  This wouldn't have been a problem at all, since it was about time to remove it anyway, but because it was removed by the wind the stems didn't have a proper chance to get used to their newfound freedom.  The stems of my lettuce were still very weak.

If you look closely, you'll notice that the plants were rather roughly tossed about their bed.  They're still alive, but only time will tell if they'll remain in good health.  They went through quite a bit of upheaval.

They survived the nasty wind, so now they just have to survive the coming frost.  If my lettuce can do that, all will be well.

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