Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chili Stem Anguish

Lesson Learned:  Sometimes fencing really is important.

What you're looking at is the stem of my sister's fresno chili.  My mom's dog walked into my sister's Secret Garden and stepped on it, snapping it at the base.  He also managed to crush into the jalapenos, causing leaves to tear off.  All in the space of an hour.

You can imagine my reaction.

 I was devastated.  Clearly, the dog did this to spite me.  It was written all over his face.  He wanted to see me cry in anguish.  I just knew it!

Ok, well... maybe not... but it sure did feel like it at the time.

I had to put up some fencing to protect my sister's Secret Garden.  Rather than do it right away, however, I decided to mope around.  Moping, after all, is very cathartic.

My anguish didn't last long, though, because when I went out to give my respects to the broken stem the next morning I saw something that made me smile.

The base survived!!!  Not only that, but all of the sad and wilty leaves that had been mushed into the dirt had perked up vibrantly.  The stem had healed its wound.  Sure, the plant is now one fourth of the size that it once was, but in my experience when a plant survives something like this it actually manages to outgrow everything around it.  Hooray!!!!


The broken off stem is still alive inside the plastic cup that I filled with water.  If it grows roots, she'll end up with two fresno chilies, rather than one.  Bonus!!!

Perhaps the dog actually ended up doing me a favor. 

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