Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Ideas

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

As we celebrate Mother's Day across the country, we need to remember that even though the jewelry stores may press us to go buy that expensive necklace or that gorgeous flower arrangement, most mothers are happy to receive something that doesn't put us into debt.

Think about it.  Mothers want to be appreciated.  Sure, there may be some mothers that think a necklace that we really can't afford is a sign of appreciation, but most are happy to get something that was made with our own two hands.  Maybe a simple card drawn with a crayon, using the hand that's not dominant, thereby creating a childlike effect that brings back memories.

Here are a few ideas for those of you who have decided to wait until the very last minute to find that perfect gift! 

1)  Instead of buying her a bunch of cut roses that will die in a matter of days, go out and plant an entire rose bush for her.  The cost is the same, or even cheaper, but the fact that you gave her a lasting gift that you labored to produce for her will be worth so much more.  You could even create a salsa garden, a salad garden, or a spaghetti garden, according to her specific tastes.

2)  You could create beautiful lanterns for her to lounge outside with in the evenings.  Give her the chance to bask in a soft, warm and friendly light that was created by the 'light of her life'.  Who doesn't love the subtle glow emanating from a handcrafted lantern?  Hide your name, as well as the names of any of your siblings inside the design, and she'll go from thinking it's beautiful to thinking it's brilliant!

3)  Neither one of these ideas work for her?  She's more of a jewelry person?  Chances are, then, that you don't need to go out and spend large amounts of money on your mother.  Just about every woman has a piece of jewelry that she absolutely adores, but that she can no longer wear.  Find it.  Go to a local jeweler and have it repaired or re-sized.  Not only will she be able to use her beloved jewelry again, but she'll be touched that you took the time to give a memorable piece of her past back to her.

My husband once did that for me.  He took my great grandmother's watch out of my jewelry box and had the wristband fixed.  Knowing that I didn't want a new wristband, and that I wanted to keep it in its original state, he was able to have it repaired adding no new materials except for a single link that couldn't be avoided.  Years later, I'm still overwhelmed that he took the time to do this for me.  Now, I not only have a watch that brings back wonderful memories, I also have a new wonderful memory attached to it.  Bonus!

Mothers want to be appreciated.  Instead of just going out and buying her some silly trinket, give her something that she'll adore for years to come.  A gift that requires more time than money is a very good way of doing this.  It shows that you truly thought about her, that you paid more attention to her than to commercials.

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