Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Bird Feeder!!!

I have a new bird feeder!!!

Ok, well technically it's not new.  It's actually been sitting in my grandma's shop for years.  It hung from a wall, collecting dust.  It also had a dead fly standing on it, although my father disagrees with that statement.  He said the fly was frozen in torpor, or hibernation, or something.  I don't know if flies do that sort of thing, but it sounds pretty cool, so I'm going to go along with that.

Anyway, I had needed a new bird feeder for a while, but I cringed at costs.  I couldn't find a single bird feeder for less than $15, and while fifteen wasn't exactly a bad number, the feeders that cost that amount were flimsy, and made of plastic.  Not something that would fill me with happy thoughts.

So I bought nothing.

Then I found the perfect feeder in my grandma's shop after asking my father if he thought she had any that weren't being used.  If you're wondering why I asked him, rather than my grandma herself, the answer is pretty simple.  She wasn't home, and I'm so scatterbrained that if I don't ask about something the moment I think of it I'll totally forget to do so later.

I actually find acquiring a bird feeder in this manner to be preferable to buying one in the store.  It's there, it's unused, and it's beautiful.  It's also environmentally responsible.  Reuse of items is something that we should all strive for. Why buy something shiny and new if you can get the same thing, in the same condition, used?  Share the love, I say!

I grabbed the bird feeder and took it home with me.  The next day, I filled it with seed and hung it off the roof of the garage.

Isn't it gorgeous?!

The frame is wooden, and the clear siding is glass.  Absolutely nothing artificial about this bird feeder!  This is exactly what I was looking for!

And now I wait.  We all know how bad I am about that part, but after the crazed waiting period that I went through with my suet feeder, I think I'll be a little more patient this time.

I hope, anyway.

Ok, fine... I admit it... I'll go through the same frustration and worry I went through the last time, but at least this time I know it'll be worth it!  I did, after all, have success in the suet feeder endeavor, even if it did take far longer than I would have liked to get visitors.

Maybe I'll have some finches coming to this one.  There are some absolutely beautiful finches around here, and I'd love to have them hang around for a bit!

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