Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hell, Aa, and My Evil Camera

I've come to the realization that technological devices truly hate me.  It sure is a good thing I spend most of my time gardening!

The plan for today was to tell you all about the progress of the suet feeder I had hung from the walnut tree trunk in my front yard.  This, of course, was going to have pictures I had taken of the several visitors I had received since my original post on the subject.

Unfortunately, my camera decided that this was not a good plan.

As I downloaded all of my picture files to my computer, I was faced with words that nobody wants to see.

File error.


That's ok, I thought.  It's just one file.


Turns out, there was only one file that downloaded in total.  A photo that was taken over a year ago...

In Hell.

Well, Hell, Grand Cayman, to be specific.  It's a small town named after an aa field in the area.  No, 'aa' isn't a typo.  Aa is actually formed from the lava of a volcano that has a slow moving flow.  The rock is jagged and pointy.  You can remember this name easily by imagining that you're walking over the surface of it... barefoot.  What would you say, or rather, yell?

"Ah!  Ah!  Ah!!!!!!"

Of course, when seeing this image as a thumbnail on my computer, the evil little devil holding up the sign looks very different:

Is it just me, or does he look like he's flipping me off?

Ok, ok... it's probably just me.  Sigh...

Unfortunately, gone are the photos of the woodpecker and its young, the ravenous squirrels, and the crows. I'm in the process of trying to gain some new ones, which should be easy now that wildlife has discovered the feeder, so hopefully I'll have a post about it, soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the sole remaining photo that my camera has allowed me to share!

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