Sunday, May 6, 2012

Naked Gardening: A Perspective

Yesterday was wonderful.

World Naked Gardening Day is something that I'll now be looking forward to for next year!  It was such a wonderful experience.  I could never have imagined the state of peace that you feel when you garden while completely naked.  Exhilaration?  Sure, that's easy to understand, considering it's not quite a societal norm, but peace?

But yes, that's how it felt.  Peaceful.  Not only that, but it was comfortable.  I thought it'd be a little messy, and maybe even itchy, because you know, it is dirt I was working with, after all, but I found naked gardening to be less restrictive than normal.  And no, it didn't itch.  

There's just something tranquil about working with nature... naturally.  I find it hard to explain.  It gives you the feeling that everything about the world is good.  You recognize that nature doesn't care if you're naked or clothed.  It accepts you for what you are.

As strange as that may sound, it all boils done to one important result:  

Acceptance of self.

You find yourself at peace with who you are.  You don't worry about whether last year's pants are going to fit, or if anybody is staring at that scar on your arm.  Those things don't matter, and you realize this.  

I truly think I had an epiphany, since no matter how hard I try to explain this, I'm not really explaining enough.  No words suffice

Of course, I did have one problem when I started out.  

I couldn't find a pot that was the correct size for my begonia.  I have plenty of flower pots, of course, but they were all too large or too small for the task at hand.  I ran through the basement like a naked crazy lady, overturning boxes and climbing shelves, but no such luck.  There was nothing I could use.

I thought.

But I was wrong.

My gaze landed on a purse that I hadn't used in years.  I thought this could really be a great planter!  I should use it!

So that's exactly what I did, and it was a great choice.

Tomorrow I'll give you instructions on how to create one.  It's an easy project, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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