Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Simple Pot Holder

So, I've been talking a lot about my garden plots.  I love my garden, and I love caring for it.  This is pretty obvious to just about anyone that's read my blog.  There are limits to how much someone should talk about a single subject, however, and it's time for a break from it.

What on earth could possibly make me realize this?

A pot holder.

No, seriously.

My grandmother was a vendor at a church bazaar, and quite naturally, this meant that she looked at everyone else's wares, as well.  Her eyes were drawn to one table that was holding an item she knew I'd like.

A simple pot holder.

You're probably wondering why a pot holder would be such an awesome gift.  It's just a pot holder, right?  Nothing special.  Nothing awe-inspiring.  It's just a pot holder.


It's a cool pot holder.


Well first, it's something that can be used a lot.  It's not some silly trinket that you buy and love for a few days, then throw into a drawer, forgotten.  It has everyday value.  This already sets it apart from the vast majority of things commonly bought at a bazaar.

Secondly, it's a fabulous example of how to reuse an old pair of jeans.  Taking something old and transforming it into something new and useful is environmental responsibility at its finest.  We all know how much I love that!

This pot holder is made from two pieces of denim that have been cut into circles and sewn together.  There's some thin padding in the center, of course, and there's a cloth loop sewn into the top so that it can be hung for easy access.

But that's it.  Simplicity at its finest.

We've seen my attempt at reusing my favorite pair of jeans.  The result was quite nice to look at, but unfortunately, it didn't last.  Sewing is not a skill I can lay claim to.  I'm actually rather bad at it.  No... I'm really bad at it.

It's great, therefore, to have something sewn together with skill, especially when it's an object that I can use to my heart's content!  I love this pot holder!!!

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