Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Peas, Some Pee, and a Wall

There was one huge change besides my potato plants that was very exciting to come back to.  My sugar snap peas, which I had planted about a week before I left to the desert southwest, had grown tremendously.  Upon leaving, all that could be seen were tiny, newly sprouted seedlings.  I came back, however, to this:

As you can see, they looked a little flimsy.  This is simply because there had been such a small amount of rain the entire time I was gone.  These little guys were horribly thirsty.  Once I gave the peas some much needed water, however, they perked right up.

Part of the reason they did so well, actually, may be because of a visitor to the yard.  It appears that a large dog has been sniffing around.  What in the world would give me that idea, you ask?

It decided to pee on my peas!!!

It's not very obvious in this picture, since it has finally rained here, so you're seeing a dark water stain toward the bottom of the wall.  The shadowed area above that, however, is what I'm talking about.  That's right... the 'shadowed area' really isn't shadow.  It's pee stain.


Why would this be a good thing, you ask?  Well, pee provides nitrogen.  Nitrogen makes plants happy.  Since the stained location was the wall itself, only a small amount of it ended up in the soil.  That small amount was enough to feed the plants without putting them into overload.

Ok, yeah... it's still pretty gross when you think about it, but the results are worth it!

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