Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Nervous Return to My Plants

When I finally arrived back at my home in Minnesota, it was too late to check on all of my plants.  Of course I tried anyway, but it was too dark to see what my time away had done to my gardens.  I knew it had only rained once in the 2 weeks that I was gone, however, so I was nervous.  I did, after all, leave my plant care in the hands of a person whose talent is fixing computers, rather than living organisms.

Yep.  I was frightened.  Visions of apocalyptic proportions raced through my mind.

The next morning I inched my way out the door, ready to meet my fate.

I was relieved to discover that things weren't nearly as bad as I thought they'd be.  Some plants were desperately in need of TLC, while others were doing quite nicely.

My husband had completely overlooked the begonia that I planted on World Naked Gardening Day, and it looked rather... well...

Let's just say it looked like it had been starved and tortured.

The good news?  There's a flower bud there, so if I give it enough care it should perk up again.  Another piece of good news is that this was the worst of it all.  Everything else managed to survive, even though he had forgotten to water pretty much everything.

I say 'pretty much' because he did remember one thing:  my potato grow bag.  Something tells me that even he is excited about that!

If I tried to tell you about everything in a single post you'd probably end up with some serious eye strain, due to the never-ending entry size, so in order to make things easier I'll tell you about my daughter's strawberries and about the potato grow bag over the next few days.  I had quite a bit to take in, but those two garden containers are what I'll focus on, due to my own excitement over them.

I'm so glad to be back to work on my plants again!

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