Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Yard, My Garden, My Sadness

As I sit on the rocks that hold my raised garden in place, I'm overcome with sadness.  Very soon I'll be heading back to my home in the desert southwest to get it ready to place on the market.  This is sad for two reasons:

1) I'm leaving my garden in the hands of my husband - a computer geek.  Yikes!

 Granted, I'm trying to leave my husband with as little work as possible, to make it easier on him, and I don't think I'll come back to dead plants.  He's a responsible person.  He'll take care of it.  It just kills me to leave my garden in anyone's hands other than my own!

2)  I'm selling the most wonderful house on the planet.

No, really.  For the most part, it's my dream home.  All that's missing is a large yard (My dream home should have a yard that's over an acre).  It's gorgeous and comfortable.  It has a sun room overlooking the beautiful back yard. The rooms are large, but not too large, and the kitchen is a foodie's dream.  I'm going to miss it... so much so that I'm still endeavoring to convince my husband that we want to rent instead!

I'm actually really excited to see what the yard looks like.  It hasn't been cared for at all since we left.  I'm hoping that because I always mulched the garden beds and hand-picked weeds that I won't have a full wildlife preserve on my hands!  The soil there, after all, is quite healthy, and would make wildflowers very happy.

I'll find out soon.  In the meantime, though, I'll continue relaxing in my back yard, ensuring everything is ready for my departure.

(sniff sniff)

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