Monday, May 7, 2012

Devastation of the Squirrels

Ugh.  Squirrels.

As mentioned before, I have this strange love/hate relationship with squirrels.  I think they're the most fascinating creatures around!  They hop, rather than run.  They make for the best camera shots, due to their many humorous poses.  I can watch squirrels for quite some time without getting bored.

But they also dig.  The digging wouldn't be a problem, but for one small thing:  they dig in my front porch planters.  The half jug covering my peppermint was lost to the foraging of squirrels. I've also had to fill holes frequently in order to have a level garden bed.  Even with all of that, however, I've been only slightly put out by the squirrel residents in my yard.

But they had me seeing red this morning.  Remember my winter sown canterbury bells that I was so proud of?

Complete devastation.

( insert large amounts of hair pulling and piteous moaning here )

I can't help but look at the larger than normal hole and think that the squirrels did this to me on purpose.  They got together and planned this, complete with dressing in warrior attire.  They took up coordinated positions as they observed the result of their handiwork, laughing the whole time.

Ok, maybe not.  They did cause a large amount of damage, though.

The good news?  After I placed all of the soil back into the planter I noticed that about three of the bazillion seedlings I had planted were still alive.  Who knows?  This may actually still work out.  They were crammed too closely together, anyway.  Perhaps this was nature's way of helping thin the seedlings for me.

Don't you dare contradict me!

I like living in my make-believe world, thank you very much!

Of course, even if this doesn't work out, it just means that I have extra space for more mint.  Yum!

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