Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Overgrown Porch Area

After looking at the corner of the porch for quite a while, I realized it was time to clean it up.  While I enjoy keeping the section of my yard near the garage wild, I didn't exactly want a second wild area near my porch.  It was overgrown.  No... it was beyond overgrown.  It was a mess.

This area has potential.  While the plants have grown tall enough that the rocks bordering this corner are hidden, the rocks actually bring a tranquil beauty to that spot.

I want to bring that back.

It's going to be a lot of work, so I've decided to start one section at a time.  The edge that I focused on in this picture is what I decided to work with first.  I grabbed my trusty weed picking tool and got to work.

30 whole minutes later, I had a spot devoid of weeds... and any other life, for that matter! Pretty impressive, yes?

The pile I had uprooted was rather impressive, too.

That's my foot for scale.  I can't believe such a small area could produce so much!

My daughter had picked out some phlox at the Garden Center, so in order to slowly bring some controlled life to the area I elected to plant it there.  Later, I'll plant some more on the opposite edge to balance it.

I also plan on planting a small amount of creeping thyme in the area.  Once established it is very drought resistant, so this should produce a nice ground cover, helping to discourage any unwanted growth.  Plus, thyme is pretty yummy.

Well, that's one portion down, a lot more to go.  Soon it'll look fantastic!

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